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Renovation projects hold the power to breathe new life into existing spaces, infusing them with fresh functionality and aesthetics. The renovation of the Renfrew County Administration Building, a project undertaken by Rycraft Construction, Ottawa working for Jumec Construction and VG Architects, exemplifies the perfect blend of innovation and tradition.


Renfrew County Administration Building Renovation: Project Overview:

The Renfrew County Administration Building renovation was comprised of the standard wall and ceiling construction but included fine carpentry finishing for the design features where attention to execution was critical to achieve the design intent.


Project Design Execution Requirements:

In an institutional renovation, functionality is the design essential but adding design features can welcome both the community users and the staff. In this case, the main lobby and the hallway ceilings were finished in a beautiful wood treatment that created an engaging design feature within an otherwise typical drywall environment.

A pivotal aspect of this transformation was the integration of Eomac Wood’s exceptional PLANK Wood Veneered Acoustic Panels, a choice that combines sophistication, acoustic performance, and a seamless melding of nature’s beauty with modern design.

Eomac Wood’s exceptional PLANK Wood Veneered Acoustic Panels epitomize a harmonious marriage between the timeless allure of natural wood and the pragmatic need for acoustic absorption. These panels present a vast array of possibilities, with more than 40 wood species available, along with a versatile selection of standard and custom blade configurations, module sizes, and connection options, including backer and dowel.

The integration of these panels in the Renfrew County Administration Building’s interior overhaul extended beyond aesthetics. The acoustic absorption capabilities of these panels contribute to an environment that promotes comfort, focus, and enables effective communication. The combination of aesthetics and functionality aligns with Rycraft Construction’s commitment to excellence offering best Commercial and Residential Construction and Contracting in Ottawa.

At Rycraft Construction Ottawa we believe that our construction responsibility is to execute to the intent of the architect’s plan which often requires higher carpentry skills, attention to detail and the commitment to execute the plan. We are Ottawa’s leading home renovation and construction contractors serving areas like Westboro, Kanata, Barrhaven, Stittsville and nearby areas.


Critical Construction Execution:

  1. Before installation manage the temperature and humidity environment as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. Take delivery of the material a week before the build starts to ensure that the wood can acclimatize.
  1. Use of the appropriate lasers and skilled carpenters to install the specified products is critical. The end appearance of the finished product is only as good as the installation. Perfectly square, perfectly straight down 200′ hallways with perfect miters that return up the bulkhead faces. A beautiful architectural feature is only as good as the finishing detail.


The Renfrew County Administration Building renovation stands as a testament to the transformative potential of visionary design and project execution. The incorporation Eomac Wood’s exceptional PLANK Wood Veneered Acoustic Panels elevates the interiors to a realm where aesthetics, acoustics, and quality craftsmanship converge. Rycraft Construction’s collaboration with Eomac Wood showcases a dedication to creating spaces that not only reflect contemporary design trends but also embrace the inherent beauty of nature.

At Rycraft Construction Ottawa, we specialize in providing top-quality carpentry execution tailored to the unique needs of our individual clients and offer custom Construction and Renovation Services across Ottawa. With our extensive expertise and experience, we have successfully completed numerous prestigious projects that required experienced carpentry and fine finish carpentry to build the projects created by Ottawa’s leading architects and designers.

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